There’s an odd poetry to Bob Mould‘s latest blog post, in which he piles on links to the latest interviews related to his new album, District Line:

Bob Mould finds happiness.

Bob Mould walks the line.

Bob Mould hasn’t quite mellowed.

So, yeah, he’s cooled off a bit; nobody who loves New Day Rising (or even Copper Blue) is going to get as excited about District Line, but it’s not a wussed-out “maturity” move either. (And speaking as the editor of his former column, an easygoing personality does make one’s job a lot easier; I doubt I’d have a whole lot of patience for a writer who was forever in “Everything Falls Apart” mode.) Mould’s band plays the 9:30 Club on Saturday, followed by Blowoff, his monthly dance party with Richard Morel.

It’s a big weekend for locals at 9:30 Club: Interscope signee and Seinfeld aficionado Wale plays there Sunday. Cocaine Blunts has more info and MP3 links.