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Muxtapes! Everyone’s making ’em! I made a totally awesome one, which I’ve decided to share with you, our loyal readers. Muxtape doesn’t let you annotate your mixtapes, so I’m gonna do that here, after the jump.

Lionel Richie, “Hello”
I mean, what can I say? If you have dry eyes after you hear this, you must be related to Saddam Hussein.
Chicago, “You’re the Inspiration”
I’d like to send this one out to my wife, who is my “inspiration.”
Michael Franks, “Popsicle Toes”
My friend Pete turned me on to this track. Pete is actually a very good curler, and he and my wife are on a mixed doubles team. I’m sending this one out to my two favorite folks with “popsicle toes.”
Donald Fagen, “I.G.Y.”
Who doesn’t like a little jazz now and then?
Cat Stevens, “Where Do the Children Play?”
This is especially poignant to me because someone kicked a hole in part of the jungle gym near our house, and now it’s totally covered in “CAUTION” tape and I really have to watch my 3-year-old near it.
Genesis, “Land of Confusion”
Sometimes you just gotta rock. I make no apologies for this need.