Kev Brown, who is a featured producer at Friday’s BeatDown producer showcase at Club Five, breaks down the secrets to his production style in this great video:


One of the region’s production stars, Kev has worked with the likes of De La Soul, Marley Marl, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Raheem Devaughn, Biz Markie, and a number of local hip-hop artists. With his process firmly rooted in the MPC based technique of beat making, he has forged a unique sound that pays homage to such greats as Pete Rock and the late J-Dilla. Definitely check him out on Friday—it should be a great event with a number of talented producers and hip hop acts on the bill.

Also: Kev and Los Angeles’ LMNO have just released a collaborative project entitled ‘Selective Hearing’ on Up Above Records. Support that real hip hop!

Double Bonus: Kev Brown and Kaimber at last month’s J-Dilla Tribute at XM performing a cover of “The Official”