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A friend of mine was reviewing the show. I came along! And thought:

1) Far too many people in the Washington area have gone through the first two-thirds of their lives without any meaningful feedback about their wardrobe choices.
Long-sleeved black T-shirt tucked in and belted to tapered jeans plus white Reeboks? Suit jacket (not sportscoat) over white oxford and jeans? Any number of other tucking-in-and-belting offenses? Look, I know what this town is. But can we not do even a little better? Oh, and what’s with the semi-Celtic dancing?

2) Winning the “My Grammy Moment” contest is no guarantee of future results.

There she was, an emolliated beacon in the darkness of desiccation (though to be fair, Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman still looked excellent; must be those “Time After Time” royalties): Ann Marie Calhoun. You know, the lady who won the Grammy contest and got to perform with the Foo Fighters as a result. Jason Bateman said her name! And now…she’s onstage at the Birchmere with the Hooters. I mean, it could be worse: She could be appearing on Larry King with Ringo Starr or guesting at Disco Biscuits shows…oh wait.


3) God help me if I ever get divorced.
A potentially all-consuming terror of dating at my age took root when I saw people even older than me doing it. Though it was pretty sweet to not be the geeziest person in the room for a change.

4) Fear a band with a short drive ahead of them.
You know they’re gonna break out the Elvis Costello covers.

5) The word “Hooters”? Still funny.
Did not see any, though. I think I’ll stick to covering country.