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Postie Tom Sietsema, in a Sunday magazine feature, vents about the decibel levels at various restaurants. Early on, he checks his handy decibel counter and sees that the noise level is equal to a lawn mower. I have to say the piece resonated with me.

I am no fan of the loud restaurant. A few weeks ago, at a local organic fancy pizza shop, I had to endure hits from the ’80s blaring at top volume. No fun.

Last night at a coffee shop, I had to endure late ’90s emo. All I wanted to do was read my book.

But the real issue for me is that these places don’t seem to play any local music. Not once have I walked into a store, restaurant or coffee shop and heard Georgie James or the Evens or Trouble Funk or Rare Essence. [I know there are other worthy bands and musicians that I’m leaving out]. Granted, there are some bars that do a good job stocking their jukeboxes with local favorites. But for the most part, the local eateries blow off the local scene.

If they want to crank it up, they should at least keep some local albums on rotation!