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From Victory Records’ publicity department:

Darkest Hour have recorded a new arena anthem for their favorite ice hockey team – the Washington Capitals.

Based on their song A Thousand Words To Say But One, Let’s Go Caps! can be downloaded from a special page Darkest Hour have set up www.myspace.com/letsgocapsmusic

Ex-youth puck player and Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum notes about their forays into sports themes: “It was something we did just for pure fun. I mean, when you play music – especially death metal – for a living, you start to take a lot way too seriously. This tune is pure fun. We recorded and produced it ourselves in one night after reminiscing about our love for hockey – and don’t forget, the beers helped. If you listen to the backup vocals you’ll hear many of our friends that love hockey. Yeah, the crowd voices are actually a big group of all our D.C. friends. We just called ’em up and said, “Hey, you guys want some beers and to scream ‘Let’s Go Caps!’ for a few hours?” It was a hell of a night!”

Truth be told, it’s actually pretty practical as far as hockey cheers go. Sure, the tempo is a little fast for 18,000+ rabid hockey fans at Verizon Center to keep up with in unison, but the lyrics are easy enough to remember (Uh…”Let’s go Caps. Let’s gooooooo, let’s gooooooo Capitals! Washington Capitals!”), and it’s certainly menacing enough to intimidate (or confuse) the hell out of the opposing team.