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There was a time when the phrase “hip-hop generation” actually meant something. Journalists and scholars could sprinkle the phrase liberally and conjure up a theoretical monolith of rebellious ghetto-blasting teens and twenty-somethings. These days, talking about the hip-hop generation requires you get specific—-are you talking about the old school or the new school? ’70s babies or ’90s babies? LL Cool J or Lil Wayne? Big Daddy Kane or Kanye? Vinyl, tape, CD or MP3? Are you really talking ’bout my generation?

Old-school hip-hoppers with a taste for when the music was pure and the party was about the dance floor will certainly appreciate the upcoming FreshFest at the Showplace Arena in Upper Marlboro. An all star line up including Naughty By Nature, Rob Base, Doug E. Fresh, Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow and DC’s own DJ Kool will turn out the Show Place Arena on June 14th. The party kicks off at 8PM and should wrap up by midnight. Book a babysitter and break out your Cross Colors short set – doors open at 7PM. Tickets available from TicketMaster.