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D.C.’s sweatiest rock band, the Hall Monitors, continues its march toward garage-rock nirvana. They’ve just been invited to Toronto’s North by Northeast festival, the Great White North’s answer to South by Southwest that takes place in mid-June at some 50 downtown venues there. They join names like Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Sloan, and a whole lot of Canuck groups you’ve never heard of.

“Some of our best friends are in Canadian bands, like Barenaked Ladies and the Tea Party, and we’re thrilled to be contributing to the rich and wonderful musical heritage there,” says THM lead singer and guitarist Sean Crowley via e-mail. “But we’ll be sure to play our music very s-l-o-w-l-y and l-o-u-d-l-y so the local people can understand and enjoy it. It’ll be great to drink some real Labatt, too.”

But wait, there’s more!

“Also, [I’ve] been practicing some new jump kicks so hopefully the Canadian health care system extends to festival performers. Ginger [Richards, who also sings and plays guitar] is hoping to marry into a nice Ontario family and to smuggle the Sullivan brothers [Matt and Mike, bassist and drummer, respectively] in as her sons so that they can all take advantage of cheaper hockey tickets.”

The group’s EP Girls is out now, and you can read what Justin Moyer had to say about their Rolling Stones-channeling track “Give It Up” here. They have finished recording their first full length, tentatively titled Up To No Good, at Saxon Studios in upstate New York, and are now in the midst of a label bidding war of sorts. “We’ve been offered record deals by a Nashville based label and a New York label and are currently considering both,” is all Crowley will say.

The group plays the first day of the festival, June 12, so renew those passports stat!