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Attention District RSS Feeds: Make way for another D.C. music site. Last Thursday saw the launch of All Our Noise, part blog, part ‘zine, part D.C., part … not.

“We wanted to help highlight the indie electro DJ scene here in DC,” says founder Miguel Lacsamana, who conceived the site with his partner-in-electronic-folk, Stamen & Pistils bandmate Raul de Leon. Later on, “We decided to expand it a bit further and have it be a broader music blog, D.C.-based but not necessarily D.C.-centric.”

Says Lascama, “It’ll have your standard blog fare, music and show reviews, interviews, and features.” So far, that fare includes a Time Machine interview, a couple podcasts, and a Weezer “Blue Album” birthday retrospective. In the future, All Our Noise promises to develop remixes, podcasts, and video, but hopes to stay low on the self-indulgence. “We won’t be focusing too much on the ‘scene,'” says Lasamana.

Lacsamana and de Leon recruited a bevy of local contributors (check out sexy shots of portions of their faces here) to help with the project, and got the backing of two local labels: Lacsamana’s own Echelon Productions and Shelby Cinca and Håkan Johansson‘s Swedish Columbia. According to AON, “We all have our own projects going on at any one time, but this is our baby. We’d like to see it grow up and mature into a bright, bouncing youngster.”