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“D. Dot” – Dimensions (Produced by Theory)
Free MP3 Download courtesy of the artist.

Dimensions (aka One2, aka Dimes) is a veteran D.C. hip-hop artist best known for his work with the Infinite Loop—-a powerhouse collective that defined D.C. hip-hop in the mid to late ’90s. Currently on his grind with The Package—-a hip hop trio featuring himself, Noyeek The Grizzly Bear and Theory—-Dimes also has a wealth of solo material for his forthcoming album, Slanguage, including this standout track, “D.Dot,” his ode to the Diamond District, Washington D.C., Chocolate City USA.

Rhyming over a sparse, eerie beat that is equal parts boom-bap and swinging in-the-pocket drums, Dimes articulates a unique perspective on life in the District. Don’t get it twisted young’n, this is not the work of some fresh-to-the-scene hip-hopper waving the stars and bars now that the local scene is in the spotlight. This cautionary tale of life in D.C. is based upon a lifetime of experience and the insight of a true veteran. His rhymes illuminate the traps and tricks waiting in back alleys and around corners all while giving fair warning (and a even few tips) to the transients and tourists who find themselves in the D.

D. Dot is certainly a strong candidate for all-city hip hop anthem, although Dimes defers to the people to eventually make that call. Asked about the current state of D.C. hip hop, he replies “it’s a buried jewel, and over time, me and my brethren have been forced to turn our hands into shovels to bring it to the surface. We are one of its many facets, that’s why it is a diamond.”

More info and additional music from Dimensions can be found on his MySpace page and at NewGoldenEra.com