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I recently had the opportunity to catch a sneak-preview rehearsal of Godisheus, a new band on the D.C. scene. Formed by veteran D.C. hip-hop artist Head-Roc and the MVP Band, an all-star lineup of some of the heaviest hitters on the go-go scene—- Dwane ‘Kiggo’ Wellman on drums (Chuck Brown, 3LG), Dwayne ‘Super Bad III’ Lee on guitar (Suttle Thoughts, Familiar Faces, 3LG), and Keith “Blizzard the Bass Lizard” Snowden (Backyard Band)—-Godisheus is working hard to define a new live sound rooted in the funk.

Head-Roc, who has taken on the stage name O.M.V. for this project, is no stranger to working with a live band. During the mid ’90s, he, Kiggo, and Superbadd III were part of Three Levels of Genius (3LG), a live hip-hop band that proved influential in the region. O.M.V. is is quick to point out that Godisheus is not a hip-hop band but rather “the return of funk music for the people.”

As we all know, funk beget go-go and hip-hop in ways dear to the District. Don’t get it twisted: Godisheus is no cover band doing their best Parliament rendition, they are that raw D.C. funk sound with a message of empowerment for the people delivered by one of D.C.’s mic champions.

Over tight arrangements that are equal parts funk, rock and soul, O.M.V. brings the lyrical heat, speaking truth to power with every line, something that has earned him the respect of hip-hop kids, punk rockers, indie rockers, the anti-war movement, and progressive audiences all over. Powered by Kiggo’s impeccable drumming (he is the third generation of his family to have worked for Chuck Brown) Super Bad III’s six-string magic and the low end work of Blizzard the Bass Lizard, the Godisheus International Funk Train (The GIFT) will be stopping in Silver Spring this Saturday for the Crafty Bastards Arts & Crafts Fair. Their performance starts at 2 p.m.