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If you’re old, like me, you’ll remember Kansas house as the place where you saw bands like Black Eyes, Japanther, Early Humans, Love of Diagrams, The Creeping Nobodies, and Dada Swing.

If you’re ancient, like Jason Cherkis, you probably saw the Dismemberment Plan play there.

At any rate, Kansas House—-a small stand-alone house which is located on 900 N Kansas St. in Arlington—-was long the preferred spot for all-ages house shows. But a few years ago it went dormant, probably because the tenants were tired of having their living room torn apart on a semi-regular basis.

But now it looks like the house is back in action. A few local bands along with a group from San Francisco will be putting on a show Thursday night at 7:30. Full line-up below:

high castle (from san francisco)
buildings (ex sentai)
troll tax (1st show ever also mem of partyline/mess up the mess)

Not that the D.C. area has been devoid of house shows while Kansas house has been MIA. If you’re itching for some basement show action you might also check out The Lighthouse and the DC Party Pit, and a few others that I can’t remember offhand.