Allow me to step away from my increasingly bitter self and, you know, praise local music for a minute.

Well, partly local, because more than half the members of Deleted Scenes live in Brooklyn now. After four days in the studio with J. Robbins, months of over-dubbing, and eons of mixing, Deleted Scenes have finally posted some new songs from their recently completed record Birdseed Shirt.

And they’re really good. Seriously. Stepping away from the tight but relatively straight ahead folksy indie-pop of their older songs (at least the ones that I listened to in 2007), here Deleted Scenes embrace rhythm. “Ithaca” and “Fake IDs” chatter with extra percussion and dubby texture.

See Deleted Scenes live at either of these two local dates:
Tonight: Jul 10 2008 at Iota (w/Solar Powered Sun Destroyer, Gary B & The Notions!)
Aug 4 2008 at Black Cat (w/The Bee Team, The Never)