We’ve probably posted enough about this show (pick, interview, and photo spread). But I shot some video and thought we should put it up anyway for the hundreds of thousands of D.C. residents who decided not to attend the glorious Abe Vigoda-High Places-No Age show this past Tuesday night at the Rock and Roll Hotel.

OK. Show wasn’t so glorious. The main beef: the sound really kind of sucked. If you decided to really nerd out and stand up front, you couldn’t hear the vocals at all. The only way you got a decent idea of what these bands could do live was if you opted to stand in the back of the club. So next time, a little more vocals please!

Anyway, here are the vids with their rough sound and cheap camera work. The first video is of Abe Vigoda, the second is High Places. The video of No Age is one the way and will be posted later: