According to the MySpace page for Vialka, a “turbo folk micro-orchestra” (their description, not mine), they’re playing at the Velvet Lounge in Washington, Delaware tonight. Let’s explain away this grave offense by saying “eh, they’re French” and move on.

Assuming the micro-orchestra—-“micro” being the operative word here, since the band is really just a duo of baritone guitar and drums/vocals—-shows up at the Velvet Lounge we all know and love, this will be the place to be tonight (well, ok, Nomo at R&R Hotel should be pretty sweet too). If “micro-orchestra” is a suspect turn of phrase, “turbo folk” describes Vialka perfectly, as their manic compositions draw equally from Eastern European folk, gypsy music, punk, noise and a touch of prog. Those familiar with the French avant-garde or so-called “rock in opposition” will draw immediate parallels to the zany Etron Fou Leloublan, but a more accessible comparison might be Ruins, crazy vocals and all, but more tuneful and with an enormous dose of Frenchness added to the mix.

Drummer Marylise Frecheville—-a whirlwind behind the kit—-was pregnant last year, but now that she’s had her baby the band is back on the grueling road schedule they seem to have been keeping up for the past several years. This included a stop at The Red & the Black a couple years ago, and if you missed that, don’t miss this.

Vialka plays second on a bill with Kohoutek, Wise Light Born and Ryan Jewell.

photo by Udi Koomran