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Hungry for some larks’ tongues in aspic? You’re probably out of luck—-not much of a market for meat jellies out here.

However if you’re up for some Larks’ Tongues in Aspic—-you know, prog-rock—-tonight
the Velvet Lounge will host the debut gig for Wise Light Born—a band featuring members of Baby Killer Estelle, Mass Movement of the Moth, and Bark. They describe themselves as thus:

“Finally the clouds have spoken through their wanting whispers and the group has formed…. WISE LIGHT BORN is a new group featuring individuals of great character, warm hearts,hungry stomachs, and wide smiles. D.C. prog is finally back in a gigantic way . It makes you ask where did it go to begin with? The group includes Leo “Viva Las Vegas” Svirsky (Baby Killer Estelle) on organ, Britton Powell (Hume, Bark) on bass, Christian Brady (Antlers, Meadows, MMMoth) on guitar, and Wilson Kemp (Canopy, Bark) on Drums. We’re looking forward to playing our songs that go like Biggada-Biggada boum boum Biggida Biggida Ba Boum Boum Boum.”

D.C. prog is finally back? But what was D.C. prog to begin with? And who made it?

Zs? Aylers Angels? The members of the Society of Art Rockers (S.O.A.R.)?

July 15th @ Velvet Lounge
9:30 p.m.

Ryan Jewell
Vialka (more here)
Wise Light Born