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Stereolab. One of the most consistently inventive bands ever(?) have a new album coming out soon. For now, they have an MP3 of “Three Women.” Listen here.

The new album comes out August 19 on 4AD.

Here’s what the press release says:

“If you discount Fab Four Suture, the EP collection of 2006, Chemical Chords is the first album proper from Stereolab since 2004’s Margerine Eclipse.

Being released by Duophonic UHF Disks / 4AD, Chemical Chords is, in Tim Ganes words, “a collection of “purposefully short, dense, fast pop songs.” The album is brimming with Motown-like drums, baroque-pop brass and string arrangements and etched with some of Laetitia Sadier’s most eloquent, mellifluous vocal performances to date. It is, nonetheless, classic Stereolab; like all their best work, a perfect equipoise between an implausibly cool past and a shamelessly exotic future.”