It’s about the polar opposite of dropping by a local record store to pick up some analog goodness, but at least it’s not iTunes: eMusic, the DRM-free, indie-label-only download service, got a serious overhaul today, adding integration with various Web 2.0 sites to its user interface. Now, related Flickr, YouTube and Wikipedia content show up on band or album pages, and it looks like they’ve added new functionality to point users to similar stuff they might like as well.

These are welcome changes—-eMusic has long been the leader in legal download services in terms of bang for the buck (and it’s really not even close), but their interface left a lot to be desired and it was always a challenge to find the good stuff and get information about things that looked interesting. They’ve still got a long way to go (the message boards are ghettoized from the rest of the site, and even the official blog, 17 dots, is completely separate), but this is a step in the right direction.