Exit Clov derives its name from Samuel Beckett’s Endgame, an existential one-act play wherein post-apocalyptic manservant Clov struggles—and fails—to escape his wretched existence. But despite Exit Clov’s lyrical odes to CIA mind control (“MK Ultra”) and wartime apathy (“Violent Berries”), this indie-pop quintet will probably not make you want to kill yourself. Chalk up that positivity to the sunny harmonies—and sundresses—of twin-sister vocalists Emily and Susan Hsu (the latter doubles as a City Paper staffer). The Hsu sisters also impress on dueling violins and keys, while Clov’s three other players—some dudes on guitar, bass, and drums—back up the twins with slightly less saccharine parts. But lest you think Exit Clov would benefit from a dose of Beckett’s trademark dysphoria, take note: The group’s three-minute pop capsules hide a heavy dose of lyrical irony beneath the syrup. EXIT CLOV PERFORMS WITH COBRA COLLECTIVE AND THE CONSOLE WAR AT 7:15 P.M. AT FORT RENO PARK, 3950 CHESAPEAKE ST. NW. FREE. (202) 355-6356. —-Amanda Hess