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In this week’s City Paper, intrepid reporter Arthur Delaney takes a break from his, well, intrepid reporting to voice his disappointment with DragonForce‘s new album, Ultra Beatdown. This, of course, has made the DragonForce fan club unhappy. Here’s Robius the Horrible:

This reviewer doesn’t know jack. DF is a powerhouse of power.

But it’s not all tautological outrage below the kicker. Commenter Dazey, who believes that Delaney “know JackSxxx,” questions Delaney’s invocation of the term “butt rock.” “What they [sic] heck is that? Must be something they do in Maryland.”

Ha-ha, Dazey! I figured Delaney made the definitions of “butt rock” clear in the review—-it’s the posture-heavy glam-metal of two decades past—-but he’s gone ahead and clarified for the angry masses: “DF isn’t guilty of spandex (yet), but the fundamental quality that it shares with other Butt Rock practitioners is artistic insincerity. And that is a sin!”

Matter settled, yes? Now we can all get back to playing Guitar Hero—-or, for we impoverished folks, the cheap Web-based analogues.