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Traditionally I wimp out during autumn. As surely as the leaves turn yellow my listening habits slip toward fey and mopey Englishmen—-you know, Belle and Sebastian, The Zombies, The Clientele. It’s time to put on the knit scarf, to stand next to an empty soccer field and gaze wistfully into nowhere, to renew that SSRI prescription. Come over to my house, we can watch some Tony Richardson movies together.

But maybe not this year.

San Francisco’s Mi Ami, which includes former Black Eyes members Dan and Jacob, have just released a new 12-inch called “Ark of the Covenant.” You can buy it from the Dischord Web site. Suffice it to say, this is not a fey record and though I generally disdain terms like “banger,” “thumper,” and “heater,” they all apply here.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what the Dischord site says:
“Heavy and frantic dub punk from San Francisco’s Mi Ami, featuring Dan and Jacob of Dischord’s Black Eyes. A spacious exploration of 21st century paranoia and psycho-sexual body terror. “I don’t wanna live, I wish I was dead.” Debut release from Lovers Rock. Limited to 500 copies, 45rpm, 140 gram vinyl, hand screened covers.”

And if you still need convincing: