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Correct me if I’m wrong, but when Hoover got back together they played upstairs at Black Cat. So how did Faraquet get stuck on the backstage? It’s not as if people weren’t interested. The show was sold out and the room was so packed with people that the air started to gather a murky Cheetos-and-armpits odor. I even witnessed one particularly desperate guy try to bribe his way in by offering the door person $40 (it did not work).

I missed Faraquet the first time around—-they were calling it quits just as I was moving into town—-so it was nice to finally get to watch them play. In as much as Faraquet has hits, they played them all: “Cut Self Not”, “Review”, “Yo-Yo.” It would have been worth every penny of that guy’s $40 had the Black Cat been willing to take it.

Below are the 2.5 songs that I filmed before the camera ran out of juice:

“Study in Movement”:


“Carefully Planned”:


“The Whole Thing Over”:


Trouble viewing? Try the YouTube versions here, here and here.