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Weekends like this make me want to say things like, “Hey, there sure are a lot of concerts going on this weekend.” Which of course is kind of an asinine statement—-this is D.C., it’s a city, there are always a lot of concerts going on. What I really mean is, “There are a lot of concerts I want to see this weekend,” but that doesn’t sound nearly as interesting.

Nevertheless, here are my picks for this weekend:


  • Woven Hand at Iota. When I first heard the delightful genre nomenclature “death country,” it was in reference to the band 16 Horsepower, whose principal composer moved on to form Woven Hand, a dirgey indie-rock group whose Christian-themed lyrics focus on humanity’s failings in the face of an angry God. Not preachy; indeed, almost doomy in a way. Perfect Friday night material!
  • Little Women at Velvet Lounge. I profiled these guys a while back—-if you like the aggressive punk-jazz in the vein of John Zorn’s more out-there band stuff, you should be at this show.
  • Bob Drake at Orion Sound Studios. Orion’s a recording studio south of Baltimore that hosts a series of progressive rock concerts every spring and fall. Bob Drake is an indescribable musician, a former member of American avant-rockers Thinking Plague and possessor of a bizarre, humorous, and utterly unique solo discography. He recently finished mastering a 10-disc box set chronicling the live exploits of British improvisational rock pioneers Henry Cow, and is on a short tour with a four-piece band.


  • Todesbonden at Jammin’ Java. Yes, the D.C. area has its own female-fronted gothic metal band, and a pretty good one at that. Todesbonden recently released their first full-length record, Sleep Now, Quiet Forest, and to celebrate are playing this, their first live show in two years. Early show; Todesbonden’s set starts at 6pm, followed by a set from another D.C. area gothic metal band, Brave.
  • Salome (pictured above) at the Red and the Black. Listening to gothic metal often makes me want to listen to the heavier stuff, so I’ll be going here after the early show at Jammin’ Java. I wrote about being pleasantly surprised by this Annandale-based doom metal band a few months ago, and I’m going back for more. Also taking the stage at this show are raucous Seattle punk-rockers Akimbo.
  • Kayo Dot at Orion Sound Studios. They’re opening for Pelican at the Black Cat next month, but if you can’t catch that show and you have a taste for nearly incomprehensibly complex avant-metal, here’s your chance.


  • Lykke Li at the Black Cat. Yeah, so Swedish pop doesn’t really fit in with everything else I’ve pimped above, but hey, at the end of this weekend of dark, depressing music I could use something to pick me up.