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When you start a group/write music/make art, you basically have the leeway to reinvent yourself about as dramatically you like—to transcend the mundane, to affect a larger personality. This is, arguably, why David Bowie became Ziggy Stardust and why Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes wears all of those costumes (and sometimes strips them off). It’s why Ian Svenonius became, well, Ian Svenonius. Makeup is lies, but those lies are generally more interesting/substantive than a song about your girlfriend/boyfriend.

So, young singer songwriter, why foist the the humdrum details of your mundane workaday existence on a public so ADD riddled that they’re probably already bored with this blog post?

This is one of the reasons that I endorse Edie Sedgwick. Justin Moyer is a lot of things—a musician, a journalist, a poker aficionado—but he’s not a dead Warhol starlet, at least not until later this evening anyway.

Edie Sedgwick perform tonight with Mathematicians and Buildings at Kansas House
900 N Kansas St Arlington, Va 22201