Intangible Arts is reporting that Orpheus, located next to the Clarendon metro stop, is still having its going-out-of-business sale:

“Proprietor Rick’s ‘final days’ and store-closing sales have been going on since last winter, and we hungry vinyl-hounds have picked the bones while wiping away tears… But there’s STILL meat on them bones.

Orpheus’ door was set to close for the last time this Saturday but there may be ONE LAST RALLY. Evidently Rick has the month of December to clear out even more inventory, if he can be convinced the customers will be there to support it.”

Vinyl District was the first to this story. Look—it’s obvious what needs to happen. This store just needs to quit all this business about closing its doors. It just needs to stay open or move somewhere and continue its grand tradition. One more thing: Rick should at least know by now that he is beloved among vinyl nerds. I don’t see too many people mourning the CD/Game Exchange place in Adams Morgan. That place closed down a few weeks ago (I heard).

*photo courtesy of the Vinyl District.