Since it’s a holiday, and therefore no one is calling me back, let’s get into it. Ever since Obama became President-Elect Obama, I’ve been thinking about who should play at the various inaugural balls around town. If it were a republican, we’d be stuck with ’80s country acts and maybe Carrie Underwood. Safe, harmless warm milk. If it were McCain, you know he’d rouse Chuck Berry for some lame rendition of “Johnny B. Goode.”

But Obama won. So what should he do? The obvious choice: Stevie Wonder. Wonder provided Obama with his campaign theme and would play well with the establishment crowd. (Let’s face it, anyone who is reading this blog probably is not going to be invited to these shindigs). It’s also a unifying choice. Even the Palintards would give Wonder his due.

But there are two more options Obama’s staff should consider. Number One: Get P-Funk to do “Chocolate City.” People have already used the song to soundtrack Obama footage for cheap youtube videos:

Another band worth considering: Wilco. Obama won that band’s demo handily. Plus the band has played Obama benefts/fundraisers in the past. When they were on Colbert, Tweedy seemed open to the idea.

What local bands should Obama consider?