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Need a reminder that George W. Bush is still president? Here’s news about the latest addition to the National Council on the Arts, which is empowered to advise the NEA about arts policy. Via the Los Angeles Times:

Lee Greenwood‘s main claim to fame is writing and singing the hit patriotic hymn “God Bless the U.S.A.” Soon Greenwood’s blessing will matter on the American arts scene — at least the part interested in tapping into federal largess via grants from the National Endowment for the Arts. Appointed by President Bush and confirmed by the Senate, the Nashville-based country singer is scheduled to be sworn in Nov. 17 as one of the 14 regular members of the National Council on the Arts. Council members advise the NEA chairman, and their portfolio includes reviewing and making recommendations on applications for grants from the $145-million-a-year federal agency. Greenwood will serve a six-year term.

This has “fraternity prank” written all over it. I’m picturing a coin flip: “OK, heads Lee Greenwood, tails Thomas Kinkade.” And in the same way that Kinkade keeps painting his horrible, horrible mind-destroying paintings, Lee Greenwood keeps recording the same song over and over. Here’s his latest, “USA Today”:


Gannett should sue. It could use the cash.