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Every musical clique/community/scene has to has to have its middle period. You know, that time when young musicians break up their bands and undergo a laborious process of deep self-examination and artistic reinvention. This usually involves “getting into jazz.”

Well, former Black Eyes members Daniel Martin-McCormick and Jacob Long are throwing that shit right out the window. In Mi Ami they get straight back to what they’ve always done best—that is to say, deep, deep rhythm. The San Francisco based trio, which also includes Damon Palermo, will have a new single,Echononecho, and an album, Watersports, arriving January 27th and February 17 respectively on Quarterstick records (a partner label of Touch and Go).

1. Echononecho
2. Version

1. Echononecho
2. The Man In Your House
3. New Guitar
4. Pressure
5. Freed From Sin
6. White Wife
7. Peacetalks/Downer