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No matter how you approach it critically, Scott Weiland’s sophomore solo album “Happy” in Galoshes sounds phoned in. From the uninspired and uninspiring acoustic guitar on “Killing me Sweetly” to the arena-rock shit-fest “Missing Cleveland” (Who knew Cleveland was a city worth missing?), “Happy” is just plain bad.

As an STP fan—I loved Sarah Michelle Gellar in the “Sour Girl” music video and the balls-to-the-wall riffage on “Wicked Garden”—I find Weiland’s new dreck offensive, especially since I did him a favor by quietly ignoring his first solo effort. My advice to Weiland is that he start shooting up again, bring back his clean indie-ish vocals circa 1999, gather up the DeLeo brothers and Eric Kretz, and get to work on that new STP album.

For your listening displeasure, 56 seconds of “Missing Cleveland”:

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