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After Cherkis’ dual posts on wintry music (here and here) I started thinking a little more about my own cold, gray, somber seasonal preferences. Among these is
My Dad is Dead, a long term solo project by singer/songwriter Mark Edwards that’s been putting out records since around 1984. Although I wouldn’t really chalk MDID’s records up as wrist-slitters of the White Light From the Mouth of Infinity-grade, the band name was not misapplied. This is cold music that’s probably best suited to long walks around abandoned mannequin factories. I like it though, there’s a very distinctive, if not exactly auspicious, William Becket-meets-Devo vibe.

And most of it’s free! Can’t beat that. A few years ago Edwards posted many of his out-of-print LPs on his website as MP3 files. I’ve gone ahead and linked a few of my favorite tracks below.

-“Talk to the Weatherman

-“Like a Vise

-“Baby’s Got a Problem

-“For Lack of a Better Word

-“Nothing Special