So, Gutbucket, who do this kind of experimental punk/jazz thing, have a new record coming out on Cuneiform next January. Their live show is reportedly sweet. They are playing at Galaxy Hut at 9 p.m. tonight. Still, I was thinking of not going—that’s a late start time, it’s out in the burbs, I’m tired, it’s cold, I’m busy at work, rumor has it they’ll back in the area again early next year… all the usual lame excuses.

But then I found out fellow Brooklynites Pitom are also on the bill. These guys put out a record on John Zorn’s Tzadik label that’s one of my favorites of the year. Like King Crimson-style prog filtered through Jewish music and NYC jazz. (Very loosely speaking, that could describe a fair bit of Tzadik’s more rock-oriented releases, I guess.)

So, now I’m sold. This show is gonna be rad.