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For full length albums in 2008, I enjoyed:

The Black Keys‘ new sonic attitude on Attack and Release; Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks reaping the benefit of Janet “Thundersticks” Weiss on Real Emotional Trash; the Bonnie Raitt-meets-Tom Waits exuberance of Austin songrestress Carolyn Wonderland on Miss Understood; the echo of Zep III in the DodosVisiter; the absurdly high bar TV on the Radio set for their next record after Dear Science; the Saturday Knight‘s funky Mingle; Girl Talk and D.C.’s Autorock‘s continued and heroic push for the music biz to embrace recycling; Tim Fite’s manic Fair Ain’t Fair; Tapes N Tapes’ Walk It Off for realizing that sophomore=rock; and the front-porch soul of JJ Grey and Mofro’s Orange Blossoms.

More, including audio clips, below the jump!

There were several individual tracks that received constant play. These included the Raconteurs’ “Old Enough” off Consolers of the Lonely (sounds like updated Humble Pie); the Beastie Boys extra “The Panda Rat” from The Mix-Up sold exclusively on Amazon’s MP3 site (inexplicably left off the album); and Del the Funky Homosapien‘s literal take on the rapper-as-space alien motif with “Positive Contact” off of Deltron 3030.

Disappointed that Atmosphere lost the loose vibe of Strictly Leakage for the downbeat …Paint That Shit Gold and that Only By the Night confirms that the Kings of Leon‘s past fan base that included ladies who could chew the tops off beer cans and catch water moccasins with their eyes closed has been ditched in favor of girls hanging at The Gap, giggling about “boys.”

[media id=”72″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
“Psychotic Girl” – The Black Keys

[media id=”77″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
Baltimore – Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

[media id=”80″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
Feed Me to the Lions – Carolyn Wonderland

[media id=”79″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
Jody – The Dodos

[media id=”76″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
Golden Age – TV on the Radio

[media id=”68″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
Motorn’ – The Saturday Knights

[media id=”66″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
One – Autorock

[media id=”74″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
Big Mistake – Tim Fite

[media id=”67″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
Orange Blossoms – JJ Grey & Mofro

[media id=”71″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
Everything Good is Bad – JJ Grey & Mofro

[media id=”73″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
Old Enough – The Raconteurs

[media id=”78″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
The Light – Humble Pie

[media id=”70″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
The Panda Rat – Beastie Boys

[media id=”75″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
Positive Contact – Del The Funky Homosapien

[media id=”69″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
Little Math You – Atmosphere’s Strictly Leakage