Truth be told, this Page Six Magazine item that ran back in November probably isn’t going to forever alter your perceptions of DC social cliques. Billed as “An Insider’s Guide to Washington”, the article lumps the entire local population into NW-centric groups of journalists, lobbyists, politicos, and hipsters.

Nonetheless, it’s blowing my mind—if only a little bit—by placing a mug shot of The Points drummer Cobruh in direct juxtaposition to a photo of Senator Ted Kennedy. On one side we have the second longest serving member of the senate and an respected member of the Democratic Party. On the other, we have man who once described the bruises that he and his band mate suffered after being choked-out by a Virginia Beach bouncer by saying “It looked like we had hickies all over our necks.” Yet the layout of this article suggests that these two powerful men are the beloved representatives of their respective social circles and thus should be perceived as equals.

Congratulations to The Points on their rapid ascent of the DC social ladder.