It is 12:34 a.m. This blog will be posted later. But right now, I am trying to get my head around the dullest news possible breaking out of the inaugural festivities. WTOP is reporting that at the Neighborhood Ball, Beyonce will be singing the first song that Barack and Michelle Obama will dance to. Beyonce will be joined by performers ranging from to Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, and Alicia Keys. I can’t think of a more safe pick to sing during that most televised moment. I don’t expect M.I.A. or Cat Power. It’s just a little too safe.

Alicia Keys would have been the better choice. I just have this feeling—correct me if I’m wrong here—but the next four, five days are going to be a huge bland sandwich only with massive crowds, security zones, and huge traffic congestion. Safe acts (Sting, Sheryl Crow) meeting up with the usual Hollywood cameos (Kate Walsh?). It’s telethon-level talent. But what are they singing for? Obama? The fact that we’re done with Bush?

I can’t help but be disappointed. Again. Where’s Wilco? For my money the best show in town is going to be the Big Shoulders Ball at the Black Cat featuring folks like Ted Leo, Ken Vandermark, Tortoise, etc. I’m going to that show. I promise to post pictures and maybe a little video.