New York Magazine recently ran an item about the dark and sketchy side of inauguration festivities in DC.

After a paragraph about the influx of out-of-town prostitutes dropping into DC to take advantage of the influx of party-minded tourists, the reporter chats up a drug dealer who is apparently relaxing in the back room of Rock & Roll Hotel doling out bags of cocaine to venerable European journalists. More interesting, he isn’t just any run of the mill hood—he’s a Dischord fan!

“The dealer, who grew up moshing to D.C. punk, laid out $3,000 to stock up because he plans on moving “serious weight.”

Judging by his language—later on he confesses that he’s going to need to “re-up”—my guess is that he’s also a guy who really enjoys watching The Wire. Whatever, who doesn’t love a story where the guy with the straight edge tattoo gets caught drinking at the bar, or in this case, dealing narcotics?

But the article also states that said slam dancing drug dealer is only 29-years old. If that’s true, then he was born in 1980—which means he was roughly 7 years old when Fugazi showed up and outlawed moshing forever! Was he getting thrown around the pit in diapers? A Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit? Or was he really just doing-the-standing-still in the back of the Dismemberment Plan concert?