As previously noted, the good people behind Record Store Day 2009 have tapped The Vinyl District to be their flagship blog for this year’s festivities. It’s a commendable move, and seems to have sparked a wave of gratitude over at TVD:

…[It is] an honor for this blog which attempts in a small way to champion the efforts of the brick and mortar record stores and of the medium in general that is: vinyl—to have been designated the blog of record for Record Store Day, 2009.

But it is you, dear reader, to whom we owe a significant debt of gratitude for turning this wee blog, first conceived in pajamas one morning into something the cup of coffee that day never imagined—the blog of record for records. Or something along those lines.

As a thank-you to said “dear reader[s],” TVD is starting eleven (11!!) weeks of vinyl giveaways leading up to the big day on April 18. Check out week one’s Swedish Invasion offerings.