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Everyone’s favorite hip-hop group for shoegazers, Dälek, released their latest album, Gutter Tactics, yesterday, and they’re not messing around. Gutter Tactics opens with a fiery sermon from Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and then the second track contains the lines: “A black president don’t ensure the sunshine/A rich president represent his own kind/As it stands now, the blind lead the blind.” There’s about as much, er, hope in this record as there was on Dälek’s previous: “Turn that page muthafucka cause the story’s all scripted/Six hundred years, ain’t a fuckin thing different.”

Photo above is from Dälek’s show at Rock & Roll Hotel last year; they’d expanded to a four-piece (MC, producer, guitar, electronics), which might explain the slightly fuller and more nuanced sound of Gutter Tactics compared to previous releases by the group. In any case, it’s another good one from these guys, even if it might be a bit of a killjoy for some folks, and here’s hoping they schedule another D.C. date for 2009.