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Given that the filmmakers are still seeking footage/posters/recordings, I’m thinking that the Bad Brains documentary probably isn’t all that close to completion. Maybe that’s a good thing, though. The preview that recently popped up on the film’s Myspace page is pretty heavy on footage from the recent Build a Nation tour, which all things considered, might not be the best argument for the band’s legendary reputation.

When I saw Bad Brains perform at 930 Club on election night they sounded really tight, except for HR, who hit the stage with all the vigor of a worn out elastic band. His vocals were barely audible and he smiled a lot, maybe too much. At any rate, it wasn’t really something that’s gonna stand up very well next to a talking head shot of one of the Minor Threat’s Lyle Preslar calling them “the inspiration.”

So, if you’re hiding some ancient Betamax tape of HR throttling Henry Rollins, maybe you should get in touch with these guys.

Preview after the jump.

Bad Brains_teaser