This show was billed as “3 Generations of D.C. Stoner Doom,” which was a nice marketing gimmick and a pretty cool way to introduce old fans of Scott Weinrich‘s various bands to a couple newer bands. If Wino (above) was the first generation, I’m solidly of the third, and as such I was at this show mostly to see Salome (below), the youngest, loudest, and most abrasive of the bunch by far. Wino and King Giant put on solid sets of melodic stoner rock, but Salome’s gloomy rumble is definitely much more up my alley. Melody? Who needs that?

So it was nice to see that all three bands were pretty well-received, and by the time Wino wrapped up his set the club was loosely filled on the ground floor with many apparently die-hard hometown fans. Not bad for a show that was thrown together completely at the last minute. And it was an early show, so the first generation could get to bed and the third could still go out and party. (I suppose in that respect I’m much less solidly of the third generation.)

Here’s a bunch of photos.