Thank god for Twitter. How else would bloggers find out the name and production stage of Grizzly Bear’s new album if Ed Droste wasn’t tweeting away the details?

However, bloggers (like those over at Stereogum) are getting the specifics muddled. It’s true, according to Droste’s Twitter update 40 minutes ago, that the title of the new album is Veckatimest (Vecka-what?). But they’re fucking up the track listing. OneThirtyBPM contacted the band and reported that:

The tracklisting is false. The release date will be May 26th. The rest of the information of the album will [be] revealed soon.

Pitchfork noted that the album “somehow involves recording with a children’s choir, as well your favorite band’s favorite neoclassical composer Nico Muhly and, possibly, forever-sleepy Beach House singer Victoria Legrand.” These are the only e-leaked details.

Until the band demystifies the blogosphere, here are three unreleased tracks that are slated to make Veckatimest’s final cut. Via KCRW, Letterman, and All Points West.