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The accordion is such a romantic instrument, perfect for Valentines Day. Every squeeze of the belows brings a gust of of passion oozing out of those valves. Remember squeeze-box titans like Guido Deiro and Charles Magnante? Well, they’re dead. So how about Andrea Parkins?

Granted, Parkins—who specializes in abstract improvisation, running her accordion through a labyrinth of effects and computer patches—probably won’t enhance your evening by breaking into “That’s Amore.” More likely, she’ll perform some expansive and meditative drones. But hey, if your special somebody spent some time at IRCAM, this is really going to make your night.

Andrea Parkins, Susan Alcorn, Janel & Anthony
Saturday, 2/14 @ Velvet Lounge
10 pm/$10
915 U Street NW, Washington, DC