Cosmologic are a four-piece jazz combo and a recent signing to Silver Spring’s Cuneiform Records. They fit in well with the rest of Cuneiform’s jazz output: stuff that is very recognizably coming from within the jazz tradition, but pushes boundaries in any number of subtle ways. Not really free jazz and certainly not unrestrained collective improv, but honest-to-goodness grooving tunes with noticeable tendencies towards experimentation. (The Vandermark 5 might be a good, if more aggressive, example of a band that straddle that line in a somewhat similar way.)

The sax-trombone-bass-drums group released Eyes In the Back of My Head on Cuneiform last May and are making an appearance at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring (home to many a Sonic Circuits event) tomorrow evening at 8pm sharp.

photo courtesy Cosmologic’s Myspace page