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Big News: Frodus is playing Murky Coffee in Arlington on Wednesday night. Yes, Frodus is back together, at least temporarily.

Show starts around 9. Get there early.

We just talked to Shelby Cinca and got the back story on this surprise reunion. Apparently, the ground work for a full-fledged reunion show started last October at the Embassy of Sweden.

Cinca and Frodus’ Jason Hamacher went to the embassy to support Division of Laura Lee (who they count as pals). When the band ended up flipping out after some p.a. problems, the two were encouraged to jump up on stage and play. They ended up tearing through “Invisible Time Lines.”

“It was fun,” Cinca says. “It was really funny because no one knew it was happening. And Fritz,  who was a DJ at WMUC,  was there and he was like ‘Fuck! Fuck!’ He was so excited. It was hilarious.”

Still, that show wasn’t the impetus for the reunion.

Cinca says the band’s Conglomerate International has been recently reissued on vinyl and Lovitt Records called to see if they could play its SXSW showcase. It was time.

So Frodus is doing the Murky Coffee gig (RSVP slots, which are already filled, get in first—only 130 people can fit in the venue). Only 130 can fit there]. Cinca hopes the cops don’t shut the place down. They may play two sets. “We booked it there because it’s the easiest DIY show we could get,” Cinca says.

Cinca says after the warm-up gig at Murky Coffee, the reformed Frodus will do the Lovitt Records showcase on Saturday at SXSW and a 2 a.m. show Sunday morning somewhere else.

“It felt really natural,” Cinca says. “We were enjoying it. We’ve always been a punk band, we should just go for it.”

Liam Wilson, of the Dillinger Escape Plan, will be filling in on bass. “He just came into practice last week,” Cinca says of Wilson. “It sounded great. He adds a different element.”

Cinca adds that most of the material they will be playing will come from Conglomerate International.

“With the vinyl coming out and the album being about corporate greed and the weirdness of the late ’90s and corporate culture…all these box stores opening up…. We felt like it was a good political statement,” Cinca says. “This record is just as relevant now as it was when it came out in 1998.”

Are there plans for more Frodus shows?

“I don’t know,” Cinca says. “I’d like to do something in May. It depends on Liam’s schedule and if Nate wants to do it. I’m also moving to Sweden in the summer time. My wife is going to school there. She’s Swedish. And school’s free. Work’s kinda sucky here. That’s one of the reasons Frodus is happening—-Jason and I have time. That’s what we were doing as kids—-when nothing’s going on, we just made music.”

Here is a clip from Frodus’ show: