Dylan/Zimmy/Judas wasted no time after last October’s release of the sprawling retrospective, Tell Tale Signs: on April 28, Columbia will release his new studio album, Together Through Life, Billboard reports.

If label hype is any indicator—which, in this case, it sort of probably is—the record’s packed full of nostalgic, tumbleweed-y vignettes, Chi-town blues, and churning boogie. Plus: banjo, mando, and…accordion! Promo materials go on to explain that on his new record, Dylan’s aiming for a retro-minded fusion of Chess & Sun sounds. Which—correct me if I’m wrong—is what he’s been doing since about 1964.

Observe the album art. Achieves the requisite timelessness, clearly. But what will the Kerouac estate say? The piece looks like it was ripped straight off the cover of my tag-sale copy of The Subterraneans. Pitchfork says it’s a Bruce Davidson shot. Regardless, I’m digging it in a big way.

Will the record, like the photo, carry themes of monogamous adventure? Will Larry Campbell sit in on guitar? Will critics hail yet another self-reinvention on the part of rock & roll’s Bard in Chief?

While awaiting answers to these burning questions, check out Mojo’s seven-track preview here.  And don’t be surprised if NPR Music starts making noises about an exclusive pre-stream of the whole damn thing.