P.O.S.: “Why Go Home”
After Limp Bizkit, everybody can pretty much agree that the grunge-rap hybrid thing didn’t work out too well. But if you flip that formula around—if you go rap-grunge—the results aren’t all that bad. Or at least that’s how it seems on P.O.S.’s cover of Pearl Jam’s “Why Go.” The Minneapolis-based rapper even manages to get a pretty great guitar solo out of his MPC. Lil’ Wayne should take a pass at “Heart Shaped Box”!

PJ Harvey & John Parish: Black Hearted Love
Finally, some guitars. PJ Harvey’s last record was a dour and quiet affair, but her latest collaboration with producer/songwriter John Parish cranks up the volume a little bit. The uber-gothy lyrics, though? “When you call out my name in rapture / I volunteer my soul for murder / I wish this moment here for ever / And you are my black hearted love,” Harvey sings. Lets just take it one step at a time.

Bill Callahan: Eid Ma Clack Shaw
Bill Callahan may have changed his title—swapping his long-time Smog moniker for his given name a few years back—but he hasn’t changed his act: He’s still in the dumps, and his heartbroken lyrics are still enough to make an MFA student swoon. “All these fine memories are fucking me down,” sings Callahan over a rote chamber-pop accompaniment. “I dreamed it was a dream that you were gone, I woke up feeling so ripped by reality.”

Crocodiles: “Summer of Hate”
The corpse of Jesus and Mary Chain should be pretty much bare by now given all the bands that pillaged the band’s remains over the last few years. Apparently there’s still some meat left on them bones though, and Crocodiles go in for every last pitiable morsel. Fuzz pedals growl, amps hum, a single bass drum stomps the beat.They could at least have the decency to rip off a J&MC that hasn’t been endlessly copied—Stoned & Dethroned, maybe.