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Will Eastman fired the opening salvo for his anticipated label release on Kindercore Records by sending out this special teaser track. A remix of Ruby Isle’s “So Damn High” with fat laser beats? It’s no wonder why Will is a dance floor favorite in the District.

[media id=”229″ width=”350″ height=”50″]
Will Eastman’s remix of Ruby Isle’s “So Damn High”

Here’s what Master Eastman had to say about “So Damn High”:

The “So Damn High” remix is inspired by French House and keyboard melodies from Prince’s “1999” album. I come from a indiepop song writing background so when I do a remix I tend to focus on building around hooks and melodies. In this case, the original song was perfectly tailored for a dance remix. The lyrics are all about listening to music, dancing, getting up with your friends and getting crunk and drunk. You can’t really ask for more with a dance remix.

I re-sequenced the vocals to concentrate on the best sections for the dance floor and tried to create a narrative with tension, build, and release. I’ve been playing this at Bliss for a few months now and the response has been good. It’s helpful to try a remix out on the floor then take it back and tweak it before sending the final version to the label for mastering. It comes out officially in May on Kindercore records on the single for “So Damn High” with several other remixes and will be available on Beatport, iTunes, etc. Most of the work was done at Dmerit’s studio here in DC and big shout outs to Micah Vellian and Outputmessage who jumped in on production and Jesse Tittsworth for his helpful feedback.

In addition to the track, Will and Co. will be celebrating their 100th Blisspop at the Black Cat on Saturday with guest DJ Jackie O.