City Paper’s Best of D.C. issue, which includes a healthy arts and entertainment section, hit the street today!

Since this is the paper’s second time putting together a Best of D.C. issue (since 1987), our staff chose to recognize both the best and the second-best our city has to offer. How clever are we?

Pick up a ginormous paper to read Erik Wemple on why the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra spanks the National Symphony Orchestra, Aaron Leitko on the region’s singing sadsacks, Michael J. West on the great Billy Taylor, and lots of other pieces on music, visual art, nightclubs, and more.

Also check out the readers poll: Scythian won in the Best Local Band category and Flex Mathews took the title Best Local Hip-Hop Artist. For those of you that didn’t vote and instead waited to see the results so you talk shit about ’em, what say you of these picks? Yea? Nay? Abstain?