You would think that being voted reader’s pick for “Best Place to Buy Vinyl” would be an auspicious sign for DJ Hut, after all, the masses were speaking here, not just us nerds. Apparently those voters aren’t buying enough records, though, because DJ Hut is calling it quits, at least in terms of maintaining a physical storefront. At the end of April the store—which specialized in 12″ dance records, but also stocked CDs, DJ gear, and a wide selection of vinyl reissues—will go online-only.

Of course, this also means that the remaining inventory will be going on sale. All stock is being marked down 20%, effective immediately.

DJ Hut was one of the only places in DC to buy contemporary dance and techno records, the one place in town where you could find, say, Skull Disco 12″s or Martyn records. It was also, strangely, the best smelling record store in DC, with a stick of incense constantly burning behind the counter. It will be missed.

Sorry DJ Hut, may your last days be more like those of Orpheus—warm, lucrative, and seemingly without end.

The official e-mail is posted below:

DJ Hut friends and customers,

We have some sad and disappointing news to share with you. DJ Hut can no longer battle the dual headwind of the demise of the music retail industry and the economic downturn. As a result, we are forced to shut down the store and go strictly online at the end of April. Effective immediately, all vinyl records, CDs, DVDs and books will be liquidated at the rate of 20% off the regular price.

We would like to thank you for your support over the last 7 years at the store and we look forward to your continued support online.

DJ Hut Crew