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DCist notes that 94.7 FM switched from its classic rock format to its “fresh” top 40 format today. This means listeners woke up to Kelly Clarkson and Coldplay instead of Led Zeppelin. The Post writes about one DJ’s fade out and the possible fade out of an entire genre (boomer rock):

“WTGB’s end closes a chapter for FM radio in the Washington area. Until the rock era, AM radio was the dominant force, with narrow, Top 40 playlists. But in the late 1960s and early ’70s, lured by the static-free FM sound, young people across the country turned in droves to the free-form, album-rock format pioneered by stations like WHFS. The music was introduced (and personally selected) by DJs such as Cerphe, Jonathan “Weasel” Gilbert and Damien Einstein, who became minor stars in their own right (Gilbert was let go by WTGB in October).”

Marc Fisher also seems to mourn the loss of classic rock. He also includes a potential playlist for the fresh format that should make most if not all Black Plastic Bag readers gag:

“Sugar Ray—Every Morning Gwen Stefani—The Sweet Escape Kelly Clarkson—Walk Away Chris Brown—With You Savage Garden—Truly Madly Deeply Howie Day—Collide Spin Doctors—Two Princes John Mayer—Waiting On The World To Change Rihanna—Hate That I Love You Mr. Big—To Be With You”

This just makes D.C.’s lack of a viable college rock station that much more of a crime.