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Billy Corgan is outta control these days. I don’t know whether to cry or vomit, but after I got an eyeful of the egomaniac with Tila Tequila, bisexual reality TV star, I think I felt part of my soul die. That part being the angry post-Nirvana, pre-Fugazi discovery era of my adolescence. “Just good friends,” Billy? Pfft. The plebeian fans and gossip rag consumers know what that’s code for: we datin’.

Prerecorded and set to air April 15, Bravo’s A-List awards—honoring D-listers given a second chance by the geniuses that let Project Runway get away—was, naturally, the perfect event for the duo’s big reveal. Add to this Corgan’s manifesto, posted yesterday, on “Why Billy Corgan IS the Smashing Pumpkins, bitches!” (that’s the gist of the message, at least). The notorious bloviator also mentions a couple side projects in the works and plans for an epic years-spanning, 44 tracks long, multimedia-heavy Smashing Pumpkins (aka Corgan) box set—or as I see it, 44 more nails in the coffin. After the jump, a few choice excerpts.

“The why being ‘why’ I have chosen to continue on under the Smashing Pumpkins banner considering I am the only remaining original member? The simple answer is that when I decided to write and record again under the name The Smashing Pumpkins in 2005, I committed myself 100 pct. 100pct of my mind-body-soul to come back and make the band really be great again, and I feel in tune to SP in a way I haven’t felt in tune probably since 1995 or 1996. As they say in No Limit Poker, I’m ‘all in’.”

“I don’t think there is anything inauthentic about my play-acting within those created personas (zero, the whyte spider, the sad guy, the vampyre, etc) and acting them out on the grand stage in front of the glare of whoever cares. That to me IS what rock and roll is about. But many lack the sophistication to appreciate that just because I play a baby-faced killa upon the darkened stage that it doesn’t come close to who I really am. I would point very gently to the diversity and complexity of my artistic work to give you some sense of who Billy Corgan really is (that is a joking 3rd person by the way)”

“I don’t think I’m going to make albums in the old-fashioned way, meaning 12-15 songs, etc in one small package. My desire at this point would be to release one song at a time, over a period of 2-3 years, with it all adding up to a box set/album of sorts that would also include an art movie of the album. (Sounds like a lot of work, don’t it??) My thinking is that if I focus on one song at a time I would approach them as beautiful, distinct paintings that would each require the attention they deserve.”

“Many of the old indie-world values that people throw about without context were BS back in the day, and I said so back then too. I am no poster boy for alt-nation because alt-nation found its heroes elsewhere. You can have those heroes now. I am my own man from this day forward. The day SP gets proper credit for what it got right is the day that this can be a different conversation about what I may or may not be entitled to. The funny thing about being left out in the cold is you get used to the temperature.”

“It means a lot to me that there are fans out there who see me as the humble human I truly am. Public life is a brutal, weird game that I have chosen to play for my own convoluted reasons my OWN way. I wish it was as simple as being about the trappings normally associated with fame! If only life were so simple.”

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty.